About - Querystrings, etc

The URL to this site can be placed in links on other web pages that points to the examples

Append the relative endpoint "/example/setup" to the base portion if you wish to load "ready to post" transaction form

When doing so you can add a querystring to the URL to prepopulate the fields on the setup page

The main domain in the URL will be used to set the distributor to use if it matches a known distributor

Attributes in the querystring which will be recognised are the following

If the ProductType and the ApplicationId in the querystring matches a configuration linked to the

Distributor associated with the URL, the parameters will be configured with default values and

the user will be presented with a form which can be posted to the Gateway Portal - this is true for ProductType Lite

Note: You can only set the ApplicationId if you specified the productType!!! Applications must support the ProductType!

An example of such a link would be: